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The DJ Kartel Presents

Mixx Madness

Mixx Madness is the premiere event for DJs in Huntsville. This event began in a dining room in 2015 as a jam session for DJs to come together, show their skills, network, and learn from other experienced DJs. As the event grew, we got picked up by The Camp at MidCity and now you can see it live every other Tuesday from April to November.



Mixx Madness operates as a platform for DJs to play as if no one is watching. Instead of the DJ catering to the crowd in work mode, DJs are encouraged to play as an artists and the guests are invited to listen and enjoy the ride. It is that standard that makes us stand out from any other DJ event.


As Mixx Madness grows we aspire to be the event that inspires others who may want to be a DJ to pick up the craft and be the next big name in town and out of town. Like with all DJK events, the goal is to always elevate.

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